Mission and vision


This university tries to nurture committed and dedicated students by providing authentic educational opportunities to alleviate the sufferings of people regionally, nationally and internationally. It also prepares students to successfully pursue postgraduate training and continuous professional development

ABZUMS emphasizes social responsiveness and community engagement by providing health care and promoting healthy lifestyle. It also embraces research and innovation, scientific discoveries, achievements, production of science, and publishing scientific articles in the international journals. ABZUMS welcomes highly motivated and innovative students, scholars and researchers from all over the world to pursue their field of the study in university

In line with the country's rich medical background dating back to 4,000 B.C., this University always feels the need for up-to-date and relatively advanced medical sciences. Our vision is using our capacities to reach excellence and become internationally recognized university, expand our international outreach to connect with international audiences, enter more international academic and research collaborations, exchange of knowledge between Iranian professors and scholars throughout the world as well as admit more students from different countries




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